What is network detection and response?

Traditional network security solutions usually focus on detection and use signature-based discovery capabilities. Since then, it has become an absolutely indispensable tool for troubleshooting, infrastructure management and the detection, identification and mitigation of security intrusion attempts. NDR is the best solution to give your team full visibility of your network and prevent them from worrying about what they can't see. While they can deactivate or evade data from terminals or logs, attackers cannot manipulate network information and have no way of knowing if they are being watched.

Eliminate blind spots and monitor your network in real time with ML-based threat detection and response and the built-in MITRE ATT%26CK engine. Network Detection and Response (NDR) is a cybersecurity solution that ingests network traffic and uses machine learning to detect malicious activities and understand security risks and exposure. They must monitor and analyze all traffic flows in real time and monitor and analyze not only traffic entering and leaving the environment, but also all traffic that moves laterally across the network. NDR security solutions provide an additional layer of network-level security and threat prevention capabilities required by organizations.

NDR solutions primarily use non-signature-based techniques (for example, machine learning or other analytical techniques) to detect suspicious traffic on business networks. This visibility allows them not only to detect threats, but also to determine their source, where else they may have spread and which users have been compromised. NDR solutions analyze network traffic to detect malicious activity within the perimeter, also known as the east-west corridor, and enable intelligent threat detection, investigation and response. Network detection and response (NDR) solutions use a combination of advanced non-signature-based analytical techniques, such as machine learning, to detect suspicious network activity.

Using an out-of-band network mirror port or virtual touch, NDR solutions passively capture network communications and apply advanced techniques, such as behavioral analysis and machine learning, to identify known and unknown attack patterns. NDR solutions provide teams with real-time knowledge of relevant network activities to detect network-borne threats as quickly as possible. Improve rule-based detection with machine learning technology to model the behavior of network entities and contextually identify anything that resembles known attack techniques.

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