What is threat detection and response?

WatchGuard Threat Detection and Response (TDR) is a powerful collection of advanced malware defense tools that correlate the threat indicators of Firebox devices and host sensors to stop known, unknown, and evasive malware threats. Threat detection is the ability of IT organizations to quickly and accurately identify threats to the network, applications, or other network assets. Without the ability to recognize network intruders or other malicious adversaries in a timely manner, IT security analysts have no hope of effectively responding to security events and effectively mitigating damage. Threat detection and response involves using big data analysis to find threats in large, disparate data sets.

The objective is to find anomalies, analyze their threat level and determine what mitigative measures may be needed in response. Demand for threat detection and response solutions has grown as the volume of data produced by organizations increases at an exponential rate. These automated responses will react to the most dangerous threats in an instant and will provide the level of real-time identification and protection required by today's threats. Automate the discovery of trends and patterns that could indicate a security event and, at the same time, cross-reference the data with the latest threat information from CrowdStrike.

By combining behavior-based detection capabilities and deep visibility into data activity on all endpoints, TDR solutions can detect threats that firewalls and antiviruses often go unnoticed by firewalls and antiviruses. Improve endpoint security: TDR enhances first-line defense solutions with protection against more advanced threats and provides detailed analysis and forensic analysis only when the system detects an attack, eliminating the avalanche of data and the need for an in-house forensic team. The main advantage of threat detection and response solutions is their ability to automatically identify and respond to threats in real time. The MDR monitors and protects a company's endpoints and network and provides threat detection, detection and response services.

The tools used for threat detection and response are designed to collect and analyze forensic data and, at the same time, are configured to monitor, identify and manage security threats. Set up alerts for cybersecurity professionals when a threat is detected, ensuring timely human review and response. Just as cyberattackers can implement a range of threats to attack security vulnerabilities within a cloud infrastructure, IT organizations can take advantage of a variety of software and application tools and threat intelligence. The TDR software is an excellent resource for creating a reference model of data activity across the enterprise, which can then be used to further refine the detection of anomalous behavior.

Given the current shortage of cybersecurity professionals around the world, together with the limited IT budgets that an organization may have, many companies choose to use a managed detection and response (MDR) service. Threat detection and response are only compatible with Firebox and XtMV device models and require Fireware v11.12 or higher. The advanced persistent threat (APT) is a sophisticated cyberattack that includes surveillance and long-term intelligence collection, punctuated by attempts to steal confidential information or attack vulnerable systems.

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